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Istmo Adventure and Yoga retreat was a dream that became a reality of the co-founders and managers Sean Davis and Ayesha Irani Davis.  We wanted to combine our varied backgrounds to create unique and memorable vacations for our guest


We have both traveled extensively and lived in several different countries around the world.  We settled in Panama 13 years ago and knew that we found a special place to put down roots and create our dream retreat. We fell in love with Panama and are excited about the opportunity to share this tropical paradise with our guest.

Sean was born and raised in Galveston, Texas on the Gulf Coast.  His whole life he has lived close to and had a special connection with the ocean. He has traveled extensively around the world and has lived in Chile, Colombia, and Panama.  For the past eight years, he has been a SUP practitioner and instructor, leading tours around the waterways of Panama. He attended cooking school in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a former Emergency Medical Technician, and a proud father of two.

Sean is the chef and SUP instructor at Istmo!

Ayesha was born in Bombay, India and moved to the United States at the age of 13.  She served in the Peace Corps in Paraguay.  Her love for travel and adventure led her to Panama, where she meets Sean Davis and finally settled down to have family and create this dream called Istmo.  Her pride and joy is her family and two babies – Noah and Kamila!

Ayesha teaches the weekend Yoga Classes at Istmo.  Yoga has been part of her life for over 25 years.  She received her yoga teacher training in 2010, in traditional Hatha yoga at the Parmath Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India and has been teaching since.  Her yoga classes are gentle, but invigorating and are designed specifically for beginner and intermediate students. Through breath, movement, and alignment, she works with the students to bring consciousness into their bodies, mind, and spirit.

Besides our two children and boxers, we share our property with other wildlife including, tamarin monkeys, iguanas, colorful toucans, motmots, crimson back tanagers, yellow-bellied flycatchers and blue tanagers, dwarf caiman, amongst others.  We are also in very close proximity to a private forest reserve that is home to many deer, jaguarundis (small rainforest cat), coatis, sloths, agoutis, and other wildlife.  You will be awakened in the morning by flocks of parakeets flying overhead and go to sleep to the sound of frogs singing from the nearby creek.

Each day will bring something new and inviting to help make your experience at Istmo Retreat unique and memorable. For more information, feel free to contact us by email or by giving us a call. We look forward to your visit.

We are proudly a family owned and operated business!

What is Istmo?

Istmo is the Spanish word for isthmus or a small body of land connecting two larger bodies of land.

When the Isthmus of Panama rose from the sea, it changed life on Earth in many countless ways.  Today this bridge of life hosts an astonishing wealth of biodiversity and is the nexus of a multitude of connections- climatic, biological, and cultural- that link the globe.

In this spirit, we hope that our retreat center will help bridge connections and personal transformation for our guests.

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